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What do you think, is ethics dead? Was there ever ethics?

Ethics is knowing the difference between what you have a right to do and what is right to do.”    — Potter Stuart

This requires a moral code other than being selfish and following the libertarian philosophy touted by Ayn Rand, which it seems many of today are following.

Ayn Rand is more about the individual and not altruism and thinking that we are the tribe of human beings on a spinning planet where we must all get along and consider the other person’s point of view.

It is not necessary to agree with opposite points of view, we can agree to disagree while we should consider why does that person have their opinion as we have ours.

Is it because of certain life experiences, some trauma in their life, some trauma in our life, a different socioeconomic condition, different level of education, blue or white collar; there may be many reasons for a person’s outlook and philosophy of life and moral code thereby their ethical stand.

Do you think ethics are taught at home? Should ethics be taught in school?

To me, it really seems visible today that ethics is not something exterior to the economy, which, as technical matter, could function on its own; rather, ethics is an interior principle of the economy itself, which cannot function if it does not take account of the human values of solidarity and reciprocal responsibility.” — Pope Benedict XVI

Is Pope Benedict XVI, right?

Today’s economy is a situation where some of the richest families pay the lowest wages forcing employees to go on food stamps and various government programs which cost taxpayers millions while the families get billion-dollar tax breaks adding to their enormous wealth.

Yes, greed in America is alive and well.

Ethics also contain the truth, not blaming others when they are not at fault, like blaming emigrants for job loss when the reality is automation and technology has cost many jobs that used to be in manufacturing.

Where workers would take days to make a product a robot can do the same in hours without pay, breaks, workers comp, medical benefits and more negotiated in good faith by unions. It is easy to blame others than looking at the root cause of the problem in the cold light of day.

What is morality?

I have to live for others and not myself; that’s middle-class morality”  — George Bernard Shaw

Morality is your moral code, which determines your ethics.

The question for you is, where did your morals come from?

Your parents, friends, church, school, books or somewhere else.

Do consider what is the right thing to do or just do for yourself without regard to the consequences?

Are the consequences of your actions someone else’s responsibility?

Is taking someone’s work and taking credit for it ever okay just because you can make money as happens to authors thereby negating their time, effort, and creativity that they should rightly profit from and not the one who stole/pirated the work of others.

Although, intellectual rights, copyrights, and so-called protections, finding the perpetrator and taking them to court is no easy and expensive, which many others can’t afford.

Ethics or simple honesty is the building blocks upon which our whole society is based, and business is a part of our society, and it’s integral to the practice of being able to conduct business, that you have a set of honest standards.”  — Kerry Stokes

Business Ethics Pledge

In my opinion, doing the right thing is the right thing to do.

I do hold myself to a high standard when it comes to ethics.

My standard is:

“I also turn down work because of my stand on honesty, integrity, and quality.

Authenticity and originality are my primary goals in everything I do.

To do less is to diminish me as a person, and brand.” 

Think about it! Is ethics dead?

Yes or No? Why or Why Not?


Robert Medak

Freelance Writer, Blogger, Freelance Editor, Freelance Proofreader, Reviewer learning marketing



Journalism is supposed to be about facts without interpretation or bias from the journalist.

Today, April 2, 2018, Sinclair Broadcasting issued a memo of copy to be read on over 170 outlets they own decrying all other news as fake news except them.

Today, Journalism turned into an opportunity for propaganda over the truth, if you don’t propagate the owner’s message and slant million-dollar salaries for on-air personalities are in the balance.

It’s a plain case of money over integrity and professional ethics in a society following the Ayn Rand philosophy of being selfish is a good thing like the One Percent, and Corporations in America.

Much of the greed in America, Corporate welfare, and the war on the middle class can be traced to the 1970s and trickle-down economics started by Ronald Reagan in the 1970s who also touted about “Make America Great Again”. Knew I heard it before. Trump and his family don’t display original thinking. Trump is using Reagan’s failed trickle-down economy from the 1970s that didn’t work then and made things worse for the middle class. Since Trump doesn’t read, he is repeating failed history.

Being a septuagenarian, I remember Journalism as something where ethics and integrity were valued. Sadly, it is no longer true since Sinclair Broadcasting who Trump’s Department of Justice allowed to acquire more stations to propagate Trump’s words by stroking the ego of a narcissistic sociopath while anyone whom he doesn’t like is not allowed to acquire other entities., think ATT’s desire to acquire Time-Warner, parent company to CNN News because of Trump’s war on CNN and Jefe Bezos of Amazon because Trump doesn’t like the Washington Post owned by Jeff.

One of the best pieces of advice I ever received in my life came from my Grandfather who lived through the Great Depression when he told me, “Don’t believe anything you read or hear, and only half of what you see.”

Due diligence by checking facts from many sources, thinking for yourself you can make truly informed decisions, not what someone wants you to think. More so in today’s environment then ever before in the history of the last 70 years, I have witnessed.

Color me skeptical, but I do not believe words as much as I do actions.

Any entity that claims to be the one true source for your news is automatically suspect in my opinion, an entity moving toward mind control while also trying to dumb you down creating a slave mentality, ultimate control of what the populace thinks rather than living in a land of the free.

Born at the end of WW II, I was an Enlisted ARMY Reservist during the Viet Nam War.

Today, my shame for today’s America heightened exponentially when I heard about Sinclair Broadcasting’s must-read on-air memo and witnessed a video of multiple on-air journalists reading identical copy.

I consider myself a critical free thinker, avid reader of multiple books, and genres. While I am open to listening, you will have to prove it to me with enhanced facts, not conjecture before I am willing to accept a position. I will fact check and do not believe in alternative facts such as Kellie Ann Conway pronounced once on Television. It is impossible to un-hear statements from Presidential Aides.

Do your own work and fact checking to make sure you are thinking for yourself and not listening to talking heads with a message their boss is pushing as propaganda rather than the truth unless you don’t care that your thoughts are being warped by these talking heads.

I only like fiction in my story reading not in my real life.

Have thoughts? Let’s start a discussion.


Robert Medak

Freelance Writer, Blogger, Editor, Proofreader, and Reviewer learning marketing.

“I also turn down work because of my stand on honesty, integrity, and quality.

Authenticity and originality are my primary goals in everything I do.

To do less is to diminish me as a person, and brand. “ 

Is the word integrity, overused by businesses of all sizes?

As a freelance writer and editor, integrity is the core of being an entrepreneur. If it is you, than how can it be overused? All businesses should be authentic, open, and transparent.

Does integrity exist in today’s world?

As an entrepreneur working solo, honesty, integrity, and quality are foremost in the concept of being a freelance writer, blogger, editor, and reviewer learning ethical marketing.

As a business, signed a business ethics pledge.

What does integrity mean?

Per WordWeb ProTM, Integrity = Moral soundness.

Is your business a reflection of your moral compass? If not, why not? It should be if you believe in a type of morality that exemplifies you as a person.

When branding your business, you are the brand. What you stand for should be what your business stands for.

Should businesses maintain integrity?

All businesses should maintain a policy of integrity to remain in business, especially small to medium sized businesses.

As an entrepreneur or small business, what do you stand for?

All businesses should represent the owner’s philosophy, and moral code.

If you don’t have integrity, you have nothing. You can’t buy it. You can have all the money in the world, but if you are not a moral and ethical person, you really have nothing.” ~ Henry Kravis

As entrepreneurs, working with customers, is offering you, and your moral soundness.

Business is not just about money, it is about helping your customer and building a loyal advocate for your business.


Robert Medak
Freelance Writer, Blogger, Editor, Proofreader, and Reviewer learning Marketing
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If you need help making your copy better or have any questions, please use my contact form and we will work together.

From an entrepreneur to corporation need an Internet presence to run and grow a business in today’s digital world.

The problem that most people are not clear what “presence” means in plain English. There is some much jargon, so-called gurus, marketers, and others with software, books, PLR, and more all selling for a price.

No one needs to spend money on programs, software, which are, one size fits all type of hype.

Building a presence takes time, and patience. There are no shortcuts or special software that can build a presence that reflects you, you are unique because of your life experiences, and you are not the same as everyone. You work the way you do because of who you are by the life you

There is no question as to whether or not you need an Internet presence, anyone working online needs one, and even brick and mortar businesses need a presence.

How to Build an Internet Presence

  • Have a website
  • Have a blog
  • Social network
  • Social media
  • Comment on other people’s blogs
  • Build relationships via social media
  • Join social groups related to your business
  • Build a portfolio
  • Be engaging
  • Answer questions
  • Ask relevant questions to your business or engagement
  • Post subjects relevant to potential customers/clients
  • Do not be spammy
  • Do not be all about selling
  • Do not be pushy

It is not as hard as it seems, it just takes time to build a respected presence, or unrespectability because of how you present your business online.

Just be ethical and real in all you do so your business remains in a good light.

Robert Medak
Freelance Writer, Blogger, Editor, Proofreader, and Reviewer learning Marketing
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You hear the terms authenticity and transparency tossed around when talking about social media and business.

What does authenticity and transparency mean in plain English?

Using a program called WordWeb PRO, which I use frequently.

Authenticity: Undisputed credibility

Transparency: The quality of being clear and transparent

How do you not exhibit authenticity and transparency?

  1. Buying followers and likes
  2. Using PLR or MRR
  3. Using scheduling software for posting updates
  4. Curating information software for blogs

How do you exhibit authenticity and transparency?

  1. Using only original content
  2. Using software to posts to multiple sites if you are online at the time
  3. Be real, helpful, and engaging when interacting with people
  4. Stand 100% behind your work
  5. Deal honestly, integrally, and with quality in all you do
  6. Work ethically in all you do
  7. Giving credit where credit is do
  8. Be ready to respond quickly

You cannot create true success by taking shortcuts. True success comes from being real, ethical, and open with everyone you deal with. This is what true success and real credibility are all about.

It takes time to build credibility by your actions. You cannot demand it, it does not happen overnight, y you have to earn respect as a person of authenticity and transparency.

Are you a person of authenticity and transparency?

You might just profit from being a person of authenticity and transparency.

It is up to you and only you if you chose authenticity and transparency as a way of living your life.

About the author:

Robert Medak  is a retired Communications Technician turned freelance writer, blogger, editor, proofreader, and reviewer learning marketing.

He was born in southern California, and lived in Kansas until moving to southern West Virginia with his wife and their cats and dogs. While in California, he and his wife Connie ran an animal rescue where Robert wrote job descriptions, flyers, and was treasurer.

Many people offer PLR (Private Label Right) eBooks, reports, and more for rebranding to build lists and build a business.

As a writer, in my opinion, this is plagiarism and I never use it. I also don’t rewrite articles or use article spinning or submitting software of any kind.

I do use the program WordWeb Pro on occasion when writing. It’s a dictionary program where you can highlight any word on a page and get the definition and more. If the word isn’t in WordWeb Pro, the program allows Web search to find it. Not being the world’s best speller, when in doubt I check a dictionary. WordWeb Pro is handy since it’s on my computer.

Book cover (Dust jacket) for the 15th edition ...

Book cover (Dust jacket) for the 15th edition of the The Chicago Manual of Style (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Close by is a copy of The Chicago Manual of Style 15th Edition, Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary 11th Edition, and The Associated Press Stylebook and Briefing on Media Law 2011.

For further reference are copies of Writing for the Web, Managing Content Marketing, and various article writing guides. Being a writer means there is always homework required.

Writers have their own way of working; my philosophy is and shall remain 100 percent original quality over quantity. Each piece of copy must be better than previous copy. It is a contest against my other copy. All writers should strive to improve their writing with each new piece.

Although each writer is free to use any material they choose, ethically using PLR or rewriting articles is ultimately their choice. Personally doing this type of work isn’t work that follows ethical standards for a business offering 100 percent original copy to all clients.

This may be a limited view, as a freelance writer who signed a Business Ethics Pledge, quality over quantity, prohibits the use of PLR.

All businesses, which include writing, should operate based on honesty, integrity, and quality.

Robert Medak

Published Freelance Writer, Blogger, Editor, Proofreader, and Reviewer learning Marketing 

Journal of Business Ethics

Journal of Business Ethics (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Integrity: According to one dictionary, integrity means Moral soundness. This means that a business or entrepreneur is what they say and do in relation to their business.

A set of principles that a business is unwavering when it comes to a product or a service that clients seek from said business.

Personal and corporate integrity is part of being ethical. I believe in and have signed the Business Ethics Pledge, which all businesses and entrepreneurs should at least read and possibly incorporate into daily business activities, and interactions with customers.

Harvard Students Take Ethics Pledge. More schools should adopt a course in ethics. Corporations, small businesses, and entrepreneurs should adopt ethical behavior when it comes to customer interaction.

Treating customers ethically and honestly is good for your bottom line, customer retention, and word of mouth advertising.

What you are helping to create is a world where a moral code of business ethics in which honesty, integrity, and quality are normal for customers.

For freelancers, having a contract stating exactly what each party is bringing to the table and what steps are to be taken are spelled out between customer and supplier.

Failure to act in an ethical and responsible way is what brings bad thoughts when outsourcing for companies, and causing low rates for freelancers since potential customers are not aware of what is involved in creating a product or service the customer is requesting.

Part of being ethical is to maintain your principles, offering your product or service at a reasonable price and keeping the customer apprised of where their project is at any given time, and most important is to never miss a deadline unless there is a good reason and the customer receives notification well in advance as possible.

Robert Medak

Freelance Writer/Blogger/Editor/Proofreader/Reviewer/Marketer



Commercial freelance writers have a set of ethics they should follow, and journalists have a code of ethics they must follow. Why should other writers who blog or write fiction not held to some standard code of ethics or conduct, even if it’s a personal code of conduct?  Check out this article: The Ethics of Fiction Writing

To have someone create a set of standards is not what I’m talking about, I am talking about a personal code of ethics to check facts, not discuss what a freelancer may learn about a product or company, to remain unbiased used they are writing and op-ed piece where a stand is the usual.

A person writing about politics shouldn’t allow their personal point of view get in the way of a discussion, just as someone writing a product review should list both pro and con equally.

When doing a book review of a self-published book, I could tear it to shreds for poor formatting, typos, grammar, and more if I chose to, I will never give a book a five star rating for blatant error is editing because this is a point of my personal integrity.

I will not give five stars to a book that needs editing or been proofread by the author. The author’s ethics should be to give the reader the best book possible, and a reader spending money for a book should demand nothing less.

There should be no use of plagiarism, or spinning software used, my personal ethics only allow me to write 100 percent original plagiarism tested, fact checked, well researched copy for my clients as all freelance writers should you in my opinion. A writer’s best friend should be their local librarian.

Writer’s ethics should dictate never using PLR or MRR work no matter what they’re told otherwise, in my opinion. I am only a freelance writer, blogger, editor, and reviewer, who’s been at this for over six years, and consider myself still and always will as someone learning what I am doing.

I am a believer that the only time I will ever quit learning is the day I begin pushing up Daisies. In this vain, I will continue to work at improving my skill set for writing and marketing. I does this from a point of personal ethics and integrity, because I feel I owe it to my clients and myself.

Robert Medak

Freelance Writer/Blogger/Editor/Reviewer/Marketer

A ghostwriter is someone that writes for another without credit for their work, only paid for the project with no royalties.

It’s the ghostwriters work, but they can’t tell anyone they wrote it because there is no place, listing the ghostwriter. This made me wonder if this is truly ethical as one writer commented on a blog.

If credit taken is the work of another, shouldn’t the one who actually wrote it get the credit and the royalties? A person should receive both credit and royalties for their work to be completely ethical in my opinion.

It is up to the individual writer, as to whether or not they would ghostwrite.

As a published writer of over 300 web content articles, and having a short story published, I have to think long and hard about ghostwriting. Is the money for a ghostwriting project the only reason for writing? I have turned down many writing assignments because they didn’t seem quite ethical as I see it. I have also turned down or skipped assignments because of low pay for what the person wanted.

Someone in a post coined the term “writing whore” as a person writing only for money. I know that I am not one. I write, edit, and review because I like what I do, and I like reading. I think I am a good writer and am improving as I write. People ask me to guest post about writing and editing. I have four blogs, Hub Pages, and contribute on two blogs about writing.

I receive compliments about the writing information on my main blog. In many ways, appreciation is worth more than money. I do wish payment for my writing and editing. Finding quality clients isn’t when working ethically. I signed a business ethics pledge that I live by.

Ghostwrite if you choose to, I am still on the fence about it, and need to think more about it.

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I have gone as far as signing a Business Ethics Pledge. On my Website, I offer only 100 percent original work, no PLR, re-writes, and test in Copyscape for any possible Plagiarism.

How many other business people; writers are in business; would be willing to do the same when they write copy or in the way they run their business?

Is there a place for being ethical about what you write? Do you pass on writing academic papers because someone is looking for a writer to write a dissertation or a paper they will possibly turn in as their own work? I do it all the time.

Would you be considered a “writing whore”, as posted in the newsletter from Remarkablogger?

A “writing whore” is someone willing to write anything just for the money. For this I ask, are you as a writer willing to write even for low pay just to make money?

When writers write for low pay, they diminish the status of all writers. There seems to be a myth that writing is easy and therefore not worth pay for quality of work.

Realizing that there are many job sites when one can find freelance work, choosing to work for low wages is up to the individual, but ask yourself, are you making what your time is worth, and is the work ethical?

Is all of your work the best it can be? This also falls under the ethics umbrella. If you are a writer, you owe it to yourself and clients to do the best work you are capable of at all times, and trying to improve with each new piece. Do you?

I consider myself a writer always ready to learn the next part of the craft of writing. Always learn, grow, practice, and write something every day. This is what being a writer is. Think of writing as a business that you are in control of, because you are.

Waiting to hear your thoughts about this post.

Robert Medak

Freelance writer/editor/blogger/reviewer

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