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Don’t believe anything you read or hear, and only half of what you see.”— John Jankovich (1890-1971)

There has been an uproar as of late about fake news stories.

Fake news is nothing new. It started with Willian Randolph Hearst and Joseph Pulitzer I when Pulitzer’s New York World and Hearst’s New York Journal vying for the top paper began to change their stories by adding more sensationalization to their content including the increased use of cartoons.

This became known as “yellow journalism”, this was the beginning of what is called tabloid journalism, that one sees at grocery line checkout stands.

There was once a time where journalists like Walter Cronkite, Clete Roberts, Edward R. Morrow and others were considered trustworthy sources of news.

Somewhere along the rating battles for the top news source, advertising, and dwindling newspaper readership, television viewership started to create an instant news environment but the in-depth reporting found in newspapers was no long viewed in the same manner before television was invented.

Today, anyone with a computer, smartphone or tablet along with Internet access can post a story, no fact checking necessary. It’s called “citizen journalism” and not held to any standards.

Rumors are like songbirds; they sound filling but make a poor feast.” MICHAEL GEAR & KATHLEEN O’NEAL GEAR,People of the Nightland

Can you believe in the veracity of the author of articles read online or heard on CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC or other sources where people incur their news?

Is there reporting bias?

Is there a concealed agenda from topmost management?

What obfuscation is potentially perpetrated by so-called sources that do not vet references with exhaustive fact checking via multiple sources before branding a story as legitimate news?

Many may not remember, but both CBS and NBC have been scammed with so-called news only to find out that is was more hoax than legitimate news because they did not perform due diligence and vetting their sources with multiple sources because of tight deadlines and trying to get the story out first for ratings instead of getting it correct.

This is not an indictment of citizen journalism. As a receiver of news, it behooves that one relies on more than one source.

During the 2016 Presidential Election, the veracity of the candidates was called into question on numerous occasions and found false statements under the scrutiny of fact checking.

The gist of this post to follow the quote attributed to John Jankovich above.

Many of you have never heard that name, he was someone born in 1890. He was a special person in my life and someone whom I greatly respected. He was my maternal grandfather. I can’t think of anyone I respected more than him.

John Jankovich taught me many life lessons. He also taught me many techniques of how to prepare certain types of seafood from shell to table. He was a man of many talents, working with his hands and lessons learned just by living through some catastrophic years in his 80 years on the planet (1890 – 1971), I turned 26 in September of 1971.

What is your opinion about “Fake News?


Robert Medak

Freelance Writer, Blogger, Editor, Proofreader and Reviewer

The Otolaryngologist that made the diagnoses called it and idiopathic syndrome rather than a disease.

Whatever name you assign, Meniere’s is what it is, and the associated symptoms are there and easy to recognized for a specialist.

There are four symptoms present themselves to reach the diagnoses of Meniere’s. They may not all occur unless you are unfortunate to have all four present as I did at the time.

There is no cure for Meniere’s, only learning to live with it.

The four symptoms of Meniere’s are as follows:

  1. Spinning vertigo – The sensation of the world trying to spin or rotate which is how it looks through one’s eyes and being unable to orient the horizon. The sensation of being unable to hold balance standing or walking, nausea and vomiting are also possible during a spinning vertigo attack connected to Meniere’s.
  2. A feeling of fullness in the ear – This is a sensation of one’s ear having something like an abundance of wax or as through someone poured a compound into the ear to make a mold of the inner ear.
  3. Hearing loss – Usually the lower frequencies and the rest garbled to the point of being unintelligible. The hearing loss may be temporary or permanent. Hearing aids are a waste of money because all they do is increase volume not replace the frequencies lost.
  4. Tinnitus – Commonly called ringing in the ear affected. Tinnitus level may be soft to loud depending on factors such as diet, overall health, and proper rest. Most medications for tinnitus may work for some but not everyone is the same.

Items like caffeine and aspartame can aggravate Meniere’s as well as some foods. It is up to each individual to create a lifestyle meal plan to reduce the frequency of symptom occurrence.

Meniere’s is a life sentence without a cure but management comes from taking responsibility for and accepting that lifestyle is the only way to manage any diagnoses of conditions such as B12 deficient anemia, Diabetes, Gout, Meniere’s, Neuropathy or supraventricular tachycardia (SVT). Along with diet medications to control symptomology of these conditions, any medication prescribed taken as directed by the prescribing physician.

Don’t think that since you are taking medication that you don’t need to alter your present lifestyle. You need to follow your doctor’s orders and chose to live a healthy lifestyle consisting of diet, exercise, lose weight if necessary, quit smoking, moderate alcohol and caffeine use, and rest.

Take it from one living with many medical conditions that have cropped up with age and an unhealthy lifestyle for more years than I should have.


Robert Medak

Freelance Writer, Blogger, Editor, Proofreader, and Reviewer learning marketing

In the past, free meant no cost to you, if you are like me and remember when free meant free, you have found recently that free does not mean free anymore as it did in the past.

Numerous offers come my way almost daily in emails, and social media from individuals offering a free PDF, free book, and free modules of courses.

When checking these offers out, to obtain the offer you must pay shipping and handling, registering for a subscription, or a product  upsale by the person making the offer that you must complete to get the free item from them. There is nothing free if there is any cost associated with what is supposed to be a free item.

I’ve received the same supposedly free offer for a book from more than one person offering a free book from the author. If the book is free, why must the book be available only if the person requesting the book is willing to pay a shipping and postage fee for a copy of the free book? I don’t see anything free in an offer like this, do you?

I’ve had offers for programs, CDs, books, and more in emails from numerous people. I do not jump and pay money just because I might want the free offer. I do not see anything free if there are associated costs for me to receive any so-called free item.

Free used as an adjective by definition means, “costing nothing”. As consumers, are we now accepting that the word “free” no longer has the same definition or meaning found in dictionaries? Are we willing to allow someone to use words as they wish and no longer follow the lexicon of English?

Charging any fee associated with an offer of a free item by the definition of free, is a misrepresentation of the offer. Why would anyone trust the person making the offer, or anything he or she says, or represents? I for one am tired of free offers that require any payment associated with the offer for me to receive a free item.

What do you think about paying a fee for a free item?

Robert Medak
Freelance Writer, Blogger, Editor, Proofreader, and Reviewer learning ethical Marketing
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The world doesn’t owe you anything;

 You make the world around you by the choices you make.” 

Everyone makes mistakes; taking responsibility for them creates character, and the person you become.

Accepting responsibility is not easy, but essential to move on in life and not let the past haunt you into the future.

Living life in the moment is the only way to find true happiness and emotional well-being. Happiness will not come for material possessions, money, or other people until you are first happy with yourself.

Is it possible for you stay in a quiet room with just you and like who you are? Is it possible for you to find peace, and satisfaction in what you’ve accomplished during the day? If you cannot be happy with the day, or like the person, you are, how will happiness come from other people, or around your possessions? If inner happiness is not present, and happiness, nothing will make you happy; you will become a “What if”, or an “Only if” person that nothing can satisfy.

You must find the road to happiness within before you can find it outside yourself. There are myriad paths on can travel in learning self; each has its pros and cons. The main point is to look inward and adjust your thinking as needed to find inner peace, and happiness; the method you choose isn’t as important as delving inward regularly.

One may have health issues as one ages, it is not the end of your peace, just something to deal with. Many people have health issues they deal with, so can everyone else.


Respect yourself if you would have others respect you.”  ~ Baltasar Gracian 

Respect is not a right, but a privilege earned by the choices you make from a position of self-respect. If you do not respect yourself, why should others respect you?

Self-respect guides the choices you make showing your integrity by doing what is right, not choosing to go along with others to make them happy. If they can’t respect that, maybe they don’t need to be around you.

Robert Medak
Freelance Writer, Blogger, Editor, Proofreader, and Reviewer learning ethical Marketing
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goal (Photo credit: Sean MacEntee)

Began the 2014 goals early; December 29, 2013 is a new start toward time management.

Started by unsubscribing from a few emails, eliminating some duplicate ones; this is only the beginning of removing irrelevant items working toward freeing up time in being more productive in the pursuits of completing a nonfiction book in  2014.

Achieving goals take work, as Paul J. Meyer says, “Crystallize your goals. Make a plan for achieving them and set yourself a deadline. Then, with supreme confidence, determination and disregard for obstacles and other people’s criticisms, carry out your plan.”

The other part of achieving goals as Henry David Thoreau said, “What you get by achieving goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.”

If your are someone who hasn’t set goals and followed through to the end in the past, there is no time like the present to begin by making a clear statement about what goal you want to achieve and a plan to follow through to completion.

Following through to achieving your goal is something special as Epictetus said, “Not every difficult and dangerous thing is suitable for training, but only that which is conducive to success in achieving the object of our effort.”

How many people you know set New Year’s resolutions, and then actually follow through with them.

It is better to set goals for the year, and then work toward them while remaining flexible. No one knows what curve balls may come your way.

Achieving one’s goals will teach you many lessons along the way toward making you a better person once you achieve your goal. It is the journey that will teach you if you are open to the lessons along the path of achieving your goals.

Enjoy your journey.


Robert Medak

Freelance Writer, Blogger, Editor, Proofreader, and Reviewer learning Marketing

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English: Compact Disc Nederlands: Compact Disc

English: Compact Disc Nederlands: Compact Disc (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Free used to mean free


A free report, a free audio, or some product for free. Too bad the free doesn’t mean free any more.


Decades ago, you actually could receive things for free, without paying anything.


Today, there are commercials that offer almost everything imaginable; you only have to pay shipping and handling (S&H), maybe taxes. Where is the free product if you pay S&H of anywhere from $9.99 to $29.99. Is the product still free if you pay anything?


If you’re like most people, you receive Emails offering CDs, DVDs, and more with a headline containing the word “free” in it somewhere.


What a hook to get you to open that Email. You go through the process of filing out a form, then at the end surprise, you see S&H and wonder if the cost is worth purchasing.


As someone with a limited budget, because you can’t purchase everything that receive Emails about.


How many of the so-called free products can you afford and how helpful will they be once you receive them? How selective are you about the products you hear about from the many sources that offer you free products.


If someone approaches you with a free product, it should be free.


A personal decision is to never complete the request form if a free product isn’t free, there should be no S&H you need to pay for a free product. No one needs a free product they end paying S&H that is probably the cost of the product in the first place.


Be frugal with your money, and only use it for something of benefit to your entrepreneurship endeavors.




Robert Medak


Freelance Writer, Blogger, Editor, Proofreader, and Reviewer learning Marketing


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Why you will never see any Ads of this blog.

First, most Ads have no relevance to what this blog is about. This blog is a showcase, and a place to follow Robert Medak Freelance Writer as he writes to inform and educate his readers about solo entrepreneurship and freelance writing. Furthermore, to begin discussions about running a home-based small business by offering posts about subjects pertaining to being an entrepreneur.

Second, Ads would diminish his brand, and his stand on authenticity and quality; you can read the “Who is Robert Medak” page, where he states, “I also turn down work because of my stand on honesty, integrity, and quality.

Authenticity and originality are my primary goals in everything I do.

To do less is to diminish me as a person, and brand. “ 

Third, Robert only uses graphics that relate to his business, where is a services business he started to help authors, small businesses, and anyone who wishes to hire him. He works with clients who are a good fit for the client and him. Robert will turn down work if he feels he might not be the perfect fit for the client.

Fourth, this blog is also an author’s platform for Robert to speak about the book he’s writing titled “Taming the Freelance Market.” His desire in writing “Taming the Freelance Market” is to explain the good, bad, and ugly side of freelancing.

Robert is a retired Communications Technician with SBC. He started out as a book reviewer in February 2006. Since he has edited manuscripts, reviewed books and a DVD, written web content, and guest posted about diabetes.

Robert is available to answer writing questions, and being an entrepreneur. He believes in paying it forward. Robert likes connecting with writers, editor, and small businesses. His aim is to learn more about what he does and about branding, social marketing, and the internet as a tool.


Robert Medak

Freelance Writer, Blogger, Editor, Proofreader, and Reviewer learning Marketing

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The Healthy Eating Pyramid, from the Harvard S...

The Healthy Eating Pyramid, from the Harvard School of Public Health (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Entrepreneurs can’t have sick days like those that workers for businesses do. Entrepreneurship means that you are an employee of the entrepreneurial business, especially a solo entrepreneur.


Living with chronic medical conditions


I do, at my age things go awry as you age. I have a number of chronic medical conditions that I live with on a daily basis. There is no need to create a litany of my numerous conditions. Some of them are serious and need medication to remain healthy, but this doesn’t mean that I can ignore them are get to a point of nonchalance about them. It also means that one or two of the many may not rear its ugly side now and then.


Just to give you an idea of what I put up with a month, there are eleven prescriptions taken at different intervals. Some three times a day, some twice a day, one every Sunday, and one every other week by injection. Sounds like fun, doesn’t it.


The reason to mention all this is the fact that occasionally one of the many conditions may make working from home difficult. You can do all you can to guard your health, things happen like they did for me where I was close to passing out, and balance problems, which, as can imagine, caused more than a few problems with work for clients in my business.


The point is that as an entrepreneur, you can only do your best at staying healthy while living with chronic conditions.


If something comes up, no matter what, keep your clients apprised of what is happening with their project if the situation will delay the timeframe you’ve given them. This is what any responsible entrepreneur does.


A nutritionally healthy diet, exercise, proper sleep, and mental health breaks are a necessary part of remaining healthy so you can work on your business and available for clients. Of course there may be times when a chronic medical condition may cause a problem, but never ignore what your body is telling you.


Remaining as healthy as possible is the job of every entrepreneur running a small business, albeit from home or a storefront.


To your health as you age.




Robert Medak


Freelance Writer, Blogger, Editor, Proofreader, and Reviewer learning Marketing


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One example of a freelance writer authoring di...

Image via Wikipedia

Most people believe that writing is easy. This is a myth. Writing isn’t that easy. True that anyone with a computer and a word processing program can put words together and create sentences, but what about the right word and punctuation?

You can’t rely on the grammar and spelling part of any word processing program to be correct. There is personal style, also publishing house style not to mention AP, APA, Chicago, MLA, and more depending on the project written.

As a freelance writer or a writer in general, there are many considerations to take into account such as word subject agreement, the correct verb, spelling of people like composers and others correctly.

As Mark Twain said, “The difference between the almost right word & the right word is really a large matter–it’s the difference between the lightning bug and the lightning.” It is about knowing the subject and using the right words to convey your thoughts so the reader will understand your meaning. Many a meaning is lost from thought to paper then to the reader because of poor word choice or the wrong word, as I have seen in some books I have read for review.

In addition, take into consideration if your sentences are active or passive, the preferred is active. If you are not sure of the difference, learn and always try to write in the active.

Many people must write for business. Writing business letters and e-mails each hold their own challenges. When writing for business you usually are trying to convey some aspect of the business to another person. You need to get your point across in a short e-mail or letter that states the purpose and action required from the person receiving the e-mail or letter. Short and to the point to convey meaning and action required without putting the person receiving it on the defensive.

If you are writing to your mother, father, sister, brother, or best friend you should always try to write your best, for it is true that practice makes perfect. The more you work at writing correctly, the more it will become natural. Writing naturally doesn’t mean that you can become lazy or sloppy.

With each piece of writing, strive to improve every facet of your writing.

I will discuss various aspects of writing in the subsequent parts.

Robert Medak

Freelance Writer/Editor/Reviewer

Robert J Medak Writing & More

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This book gives writers needed information on how to create queries, cover letters, book proposals, and manuscripts that are not sloppy which will get you into the round file. Reading this book will assist you in why you need an editor or at least two other sets of eyes for you writing.

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