Repurpose other’s creativity through curation.

There is a large movement online to use various curation methods and not do your own research except to find what others have already created, alter it in some form and use it to position yourself as an expert on a particular subject.

Being Ethical

How is this ethical? Sounds like, looks like, smells like plagiarism to a truly ethical creative person.

Unfortunately, ethics is not what this article is about; ethics needs an article of its own.


Creativity should be about honestyintegrity, and quality.

How can repurposing, curating (even the term “curate” has lost its original meaning since the Internet. Curate = A person authorized to conduct religious worship. Via WordWeb ProTM)

Most people know how bastardized English is, as many English words originated from languages around the world. Some English language words originate from Olde English, and Latin.

Creative by definition, again using WordWeb ProTM, Creative = Having the ability or power to create.

By this definition, using someone’s material and altering it with some new content for new content, is it creative writing? Was ability or power to create actually in the curator, or the original writer?

It may be old school to think the creativity comes from within, and not by finding something online using some smoke and mirrors, and then calling it creative.

Being a Creative

How much fact checking did you do on the curated material? How many sources did you check? Do you implicitly trust everything you read on the Internet? Did you verify the facts from library sources, and noted experts, not just so-called online experts?

Anyone online can call himself or herself a guru, expert, or any title, the question you should ask is who gave him the title and is he or she anyone worth note?

One is creative because they have something to say, and they say it through their writing.

Curation is not Creative

Curation may take work, but it is a shortcut to creativity. True creativity takes hard work, and patience to get it right.

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