Have you thought about your goals or 2014, not resolutions, but actual goals?

No matter what you do, what goals are you planning for in 2014?

My goals are simple, yet hard. 2013 has caused me to re-examine what I wish to accomplish in my second career as a freelance writer and editor.

The number one goal is to become more focused and productive in 2014. The first challenge to this goal is to begin eliminating distractions that take time away from being productive.

One way to do this is to unsubscribing from mail and newsletters except for the pertinent ones to my career as a writer and editor. Finding and eliminating any duplication in my business.

The number two goal is to take courses that will help me be more knowledgeable about writing, business, branding, marketing, and getting the word out about the services I offer within the principles I set for myself. There certain things I will not do because of how I feel about taking less than the high road.

Goal number three is to work on my personal writing. I have a nonfiction book in progress, a fiction book I want to write, and get back to other stories that I felt I was not good enough or knew enough to write.

Goal four is to overcome feelings of inadequacy the have been a plague for more years than I care to remember. Each of us has things the block us from doing what we wish. Our own worst enemy is us. Easier said than done, is getting over self-doubt. This may be the biggest hurdle, but one that is most limiting.

One must also be flexible, especially goals as life may add more, stuff happens. The point is my setting goals we are building a road map and think about the things to not have regrets later in life.

“The secret to change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.” — Socrates



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