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No one should believe everything on the Internet. Anyone with online access can say anything, promote anything, or sell anything on a website.


When searching for information online, believing one site only is a bad habit to fall into because you do not know the site’s agenda. The Internet is getting better with real and pertinent information, but ferreting out the relevant among the junk is the job of research.


When doing research online, visit multiple sites and see what information you can find from reputable sites when researching for information.


When searching for marketing information, you might want to think hard about sites that are about selling, of which there are many selling a book, program, or some special software. You want information not software.


There is no way one should spend money of suspect items. If people were making money with software or some form of training, why would they offer to let others in on it? Who do you think is making money off what they are selling?


If you have access to a local library, you can find many books on almost any business related information you are researching for your business or startup.


Entrepreneurship means learning what you need for your own particular business model. Each business is as different as the individual running it is. There is no one fits all.


Proper research and relevant information are the lifeblood of business, and finding the information businesses need takes due diligence when researching on the Internet.


Don’t let poor information harm your business, use multiple sources and gather the proper information your business needs to be successful. It isn’t that hard if you take the time to do proper research from reputable sites.




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