Decision Making Skills When it Comes to Outsou...

Decision Making Skills When it Comes to Outsourcing Methodologies (Photo credit: FreelancersElite Graphics)

Working as a solo-preneur isn’t easy and takes compartmentalization of many tasks

Unless you can afford to outsource many of the tasks needed to run a business, especially an online business, you will need to set a schedule and work long hours even though you may think the working from home is preferable to working for someone else.

A short list of tasks that the entrepreneur must handle, unless they have the money to outsource the tasks; many people wishing to start a business are on a limited budget, and can’t afford to outsource are listed below:

How much of this can the average want-to-be entrepreneur working for a living can afford to outsource from their paycheck from their present job?

Chances are, not much, which leaves little to none for outsourcing. This leaves the tasks list to the want-to-be businessperson to do it themselves, this is what an entrepreneur is, and has to be if they wish to have a successful business.

You may think you don’t need to schedule tasks for your business. You’ll find out just how important it is to set a time frame for each task or you’ll be so encumbered that you will become frustrated and want to walk away.

Keep track of your time and don’t let any single task overtake the time from another task. It is easy to work on Email and not have time for marketing or blogging, or any other task that needs its own time.

This is called overwhelm and procrastination.

Create a daily schedule and To-Do list the night before.

Just some of the items you will learn along the way unless you plan ahead so your business runs smoothly and efficiently.

Be careful what you outsource when it comes to quality. Lesser quality reflects on you, not the outsourcing company. It’s your business that will suffer from using outsourcing that is not up to par.


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