English: Diagram of the typical financing cycl...

English: Diagram of the typical financing cycle for a startup company. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Most startups and their owners don’t consider a budget, which is a huge mistake for success.

When considering starting a business, part of the business plan is planning the business marketing budget of running the business. Where is the capital coming from? How much capital is there for the business? Is part of the money coming from a paycheck? What can an entrepreneur spend without making the business fail because the startup is underfunded?

If the business startup is to succeed, the entrepreneur needs to answer these questions. Entrepreneurs need to sit down, and construct a meaningful business budget for financing their business startup. Without a budget and working capital, the business has no way of surviving for long.

It may take months before any business finds its first client, how a business survives until then is why businesses should have a budget, and review it at least a minimum of every three months to adjust the budget, or recalculate the budget. Things will change, and entrepreneurs must change their budget to keep up with the changes to the business. If you don’t keep track of your business budget and to the changing business landscape, there will be a failure in your future.

Failure to keep a budget, a marketing plan, a logical business plan, and how to keep the business running without clients for months, which is a possibility, has caused the demise of many businesses.

If you are considering a startup, consider what you need to do first. You need to have a good reason, other than money for starting a business, think hard about why you want to start a business. Do not take starting a business lightly, it is hard work, long hours, and not for the faint of heart.

Startups are time consuming, and entrepreneurs must be willing to give up part of their life to create a successful business. If an entrepreneur doesn’t have patience, they may not be able to have a successful business, because there is no such thing as making money overnight if no one knows about their business.

The use of shortcuts can damage a businesses’ reputation and make the business fail.

Don’t be a failure statistic. Do it right and create a workable budget.


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