The ultimate blogging challenge is over.

By writing a blog post daily for the month of October 2013, this blog has gained new followers and more comments.

Seems that the more often you post the more organic traffic received, and if visitors like what you’ve written, they will respond with likes, comments, and even follow your blog as they have on this blog.

Although posting daily is great for traffic, there are other parts of the business that have to take a back seat unless you write posts and schedule them to post at different times and dates, which is easy on WordPress and Blogger, two blogging platforms that seem to be popular, and also free.

With the challenge completed, posting fewer times per week and setting up a monthly newsletter are the next challenges for the author of this blog, also posting more often on the other blogs, and article posting sites writing about various subjects.

Working on a subscription form for the newsletter is not as easy as it should be. After obtaining code that appears fine, is not so fine on the blog page.

Once the subscription form bugs are resolved, readers can find the form on the contact page of this blog, and the other blogs. There are books to read for review that need attention.

There will be a minimum of two to three posts per week, writing daily is not an option, when doing everything solo.

Working as a freelance writer and editor for hire takes work at marketing and branding services to find clients takes time during the day. Writing must be done off hours.

Entrepreneurship can stink at times, but it is something one chooses, and must work through the times when one feels like walking away because the challenges of entrepreneurship.

Anyone wanting to be an entrepreneur has much to learn and much to work through unless they have deep pockets for outsourcing things they don’t want to do.

Think long and hard before you jump into entrepreneurship.


Robert Medak

Freelance Writer, Blogger, Editor, Proofreader, and Reviewer learning Marketing

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