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Entrepreneurs spend their time working on their business, but no one should work to the point of burn out.


As you build your schedule for work, projects, book chapters, marketing, social media, and your business, you need to remember that all work, and no play leads to burn out.


You must be able to take care of things like doctor appointments, picking up prescriptions, playing with pets, taking children to extra activities are still a part of life that doesn’t suddenly disappear because you are running a business.


You cannot separate running a business and spending time with family and friends. You must do both or the time will come when you begin to resent one or the other leading to burnout of both.


Entrepreneurs start businesses for a reason, how is the business going to be successful if they burnout because of business vs. life by choosing one over the other? This is when entrepreneurs reach burnout and either give up or run into trouble with both.


The hard thing is to balance both, which you make time for both the business, and having time for family as well.


Tonight for example, my wife and I went out to have a sandwich, and buffalo chicken wings while taking a dog for a ride, and then came home to write this post before spending time with another other dog that sleeps in our bedroom.


My wife and I need to do some shopping for the month. I have my cell phone for business, and will be posting when we get back as part of the ultimate blogging challenge for the month of October 2013.


It is possible to work on a my business, pending book reviews, social media, and branding on a schedule that also includes life, running a business and having a life is possible so I don’t burn out and end up resenting one or both of them.


It isn’t easy striking a balance, but it is necessary to avoid burning out, and walking away from one or the other.




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