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Everyone has at least one excuse for why they aren’t working on their business

The major one for would be writers is that they don’t have the time

For others, it could be that life gets in the way.

What’s your excuse for not working on the projects that need tending to?

The more dedicated to projects, the fewer excuses you have. This is what the bottom line is.

How dedicated are you to your writing, small business, or the entrepreneur mindset?

For entrepreneurship, your next book, or running a small business comes down to the dedication and how hard you’re willing to work at making all of it a success.

Success doesn’t come to you, you have to cut the excuses, get to work, and make it happen.

This is no easy way to be successful, it takes time, hard work, and patience realizing that only what you are willing to work for is what will make things happen.

One can always find an excuse to put projects on the back burner, and find something else to do.

If you want to be a writer, who is also an entrepreneur, the more excuses you come up with, the higher the chance of failure.

The more you work on your entrepreneurship, the higher you are likely to succeed.

Luck doesn’t create successful enterprises, but by creating your own luck through hard work and dedication to success you can create a successful business enterprise.

The more you work at succeeding, the more success you will have.

As an author, fewer excuses, and more filled pages your book completed.

Get to work creating your success.


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