Marketing Plan/Timeline

Marketing Plan/Timeline (Photo credit: Jen Beever)


Do you market your business like everyone else?


Most people don’t live in identical homes, drive identical cars, or hold identical jobs, why should your marketing be the same as everyone else?


Your marketing should reflect you. Your marketing needs to exhibit your philosophy, ethics, and moral standards. You are an individual, your marketing should promote your individuality, not imitate the marketing philosophy of someone else.


The way you market is one way of differentiating yourself from others. What is it that makes you different from others is who you are, your marketing should reflect the difference, not be like everyone else.


Each entrepreneur should sit down and create a marketing plan that they are comfortable with that pushes them toward the envelope. Being comfortable is fine to a point, but limits need to be expanded over time.


Small businesses have different products and services, why should small businesses use the same marketing for different product and services, because it doesn’t make sense to think there is one marketing plan for all businesses.


If business A has a marketing plan, it’s likely that the plan will not work for business B. There must be some way their marketing is different to distinguish between them. If business A uses a billboard, should business B use one? The answer can only come from the marketer of each business.


As entrepreneurs running small businesses, of solo entrepreneurs working as freelancers, you need your own well thought out marketing plan that fits your business model.






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