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Downtown Wheeling, West Virginia and the Ohio River as viewed from Wheeling Island (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


For some time, I’ve been considering doing a newsletter, but have avoided most autoresponder companies because of cost. I found one that works within my meager budget.


A bit of background, I retired in 2003 and began my second career in 2006. When the stock market crashed, most of my annuity went with it.


I took what little money left in my annuity and paid of one vehicle because that’s all I could. Unable to afford to live in California, my wife along with three rescued cats, and three rescued dogs moved to Kansas because that is what we could afford at the time.


In 2010, my father passed away and left a small estate, my wife and I decided to move to West Virginia. We bought a home, and have since rescued more dogs, one from Kansas, and three from West Virginia.
Presently, we live on social security, mine, so there isn’t money for web hosting, and many other things for creating more web presence, but working on it.


The proposed newsletter will only consist of items used by or check out by the newsletter author as possible benefit to readers, not filled with advertisements for products that are expensive.
The newsletter will also accept questions, guest posts after careful moderation. There will be links to sites of interest to writers, and those submitted by readers after checking out there usefulness for others.


This is to be an interactive newsletter in that readers are open to make comments to the author, ask questions, and submit items for possible inclusion in the newsletter.
The newsletter is not for ego stroking, but helping others.


To avoid too many Emails, publishing of the newsletter is planned for the first of every month as long as there are readers.


I am working on a subscription form for the newsletter.


Robert Medak
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