This may sound like a rant, but that is not my intention; I’m just tired of listening to people who say they have a way to market a business, only to offer programs, software, books, or more for a price that many people can’t afford.

The new way of marketing my business is who I am, morally, ethically, and philosophically. The new plan includes gathering information, reading, and asking questions on specific topics from multiple sources.

In the United States, the Small Business Administration has a site with many resources for learning about running a business.

Soon, a newsletter registration form will appear on this blog.

The newsletter will be a place where readers can ask questions, practical tips about writing, marketing, social media, and items of help to those that choose to register for the newsletter found by the author. There may also be a section for guest posts about some aspect of marketing or some other subject tested before placed in the newsletter.

The concept of the newsletter is to offer practical tested real world tips that can help others.

Nothing for sale in the newsletter, but if something is found to be worthwhile, it will be shared freely to help others, as the author believes; in paying it forward and helping people help themselves.

No one should be spending hard-earned money for something they most likely won’t use, or are the type to jump from one strategy to another just because some guru or pundit says it’s the best.

What is best is to find out what works for you, and then run with it. There is no one whatever that fits all. It is what are you willing to do for your business? What are you willing to work on that fits you? There are no quick easy ways of doing things, it does however, take time, hard work, and dedication to make a business succeed, not a program or piece of software.

Gurus, pundits, and software companies are out to sell products, which is how they make money.

Learn on your own and realize that it takes time to grow anything of value to you, even flowers.


Robert Medak

Freelance Writer, Blogger, Editor, Proofreader, and Reviewer learning Marketing

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