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Sitting down to write takes dedication to the craft


Sitting down and staring at a blank page can be daunting when you have a job that pays the bills, children, family, and friends. Many people can find an excuse to procrastinate about writing.


What is your reason for writing?


To be able to stare at a blank page and begin writing, you must have a reason, not just want.


You may be a writer if you have a burning desire to use words to tell a story, or compose a poem. Do words come to you when you least expect them?


You must get the writing done, do not worry about trying to edit as you go keeps the passion of your muse going. Edit once the project is completed.


If you have the desire to write, you will make time, schedule time just like anything else you schedule on your personal calendar. Writing can be done early, or late depending on when you are the most creative.


Personally, mornings doesn’t work, but after noon works wonders. Find the time of day that works for you.


Do you realize how much you will have after a year of writing just one page a day, your own novel ready for publishing after editing?


Write your book.


Get it published.


Enjoy the thrill of writing a book.




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