Based on past personal experience; the term guru means run for your life, because gurus or so-called experts have something for sale, or a membership site for you to join.

A guru, or expert willing to sell a method they use to make money for a price many cannot afford, you need to ask yourself one question. Why?

If it is so good why share it? Have you seen the offer to write a chapter in a book that the person says can give you expert status because they’ve written x-number of books? After you listen to their pitch, you find that it will cost you around $1,000 to write a chapter to be included a book that you get to market on your own.

Sounds like the expert is making some good money off this pitch, not sure how well just having a chapter in a book will work, and you can save a lot of money by writing your own book and publishing it.

Be sure that the money you spend gives a great return. Most of us are not super wealthy and can hardly afford the expenses we currently have while trying to run a business on the side so we can be our own boss.

Experience has shown that most businesses fail within a short time period, many within six months, many more within the first year. The reason is not being prepared with knowledge well before the decision to create a business.

The knowledge of having a business plan, marketing plan, the type of business, sufficient income to run the business for at least a year without a single customer.

You don’t need a guru for this; in the United States take a look at the Small Business Administration website where you can find the knowledge you need to begin your business.

Take the time to learn how much you don’t know about running a business online, or brick and mortar. There may be licenses, DBA (Doing Business As requirements), business liability insurance, and more depending on the state where you live; there may be local requirements (county, and city). Do your own homework and don’t rely on the guru or expert to know these things or for your business. Spend some time learning and please don’t reply on some program that may not be money well spent.

Look toward your community college for some business courses to help your start-up.


Robert Medak

Freelance Writer, Blogger, Editor, Proofreader, and Reviewer learning Marketing

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