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Free used to mean free


A free report, a free audio, or some product for free. Too bad the free doesn’t mean free any more.


Decades ago, you actually could receive things for free, without paying anything.


Today, there are commercials that offer almost everything imaginable; you only have to pay shipping and handling (S&H), maybe taxes. Where is the free product if you pay S&H of anywhere from $9.99 to $29.99. Is the product still free if you pay anything?


If you’re like most people, you receive Emails offering CDs, DVDs, and more with a headline containing the word “free” in it somewhere.


What a hook to get you to open that Email. You go through the process of filing out a form, then at the end surprise, you see S&H and wonder if the cost is worth purchasing.


As someone with a limited budget, because you can’t purchase everything that receive Emails about.


How many of the so-called free products can you afford and how helpful will they be once you receive them? How selective are you about the products you hear about from the many sources that offer you free products.


If someone approaches you with a free product, it should be free.


A personal decision is to never complete the request form if a free product isn’t free, there should be no S&H you need to pay for a free product. No one needs a free product they end paying S&H that is probably the cost of the product in the first place.


Be frugal with your money, and only use it for something of benefit to your entrepreneurship endeavors.




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