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Is the blank page your enemy?


In modern times, words take on extra meanings, like the word curate.


According to Merriam-Webster, Curate means, “a member of the clergy in certain churches (such as the Anglican Church) who assists the priest in charge of a church or a group of churches”.


In Internet parlance, curate means finding items to use on your website. Using PLR (Private Label Rights) material for your purposes also seems to fall under the term curation, which according to Merriam-Webster means something completely different.


Although this post is not about the English language, which could be posts for a long time, it is about the blank page.


As a freelance writer, you need to be a creator, and not use the material of others, which in this author’s opinion borders on plagiarism. It is the old adage, if it squawks like a duck, nothing but 100 percent original content is what writers should write.


For some a blank page is the enemy because they don’t know where to begin.


The blank page as your friend


The blank page is a friend where you express yourself in words the can educate, inform, engage, and even enlighten. The blank page is a place where you can create new worlds, new realms, characters, places, times, and even more.


Make the blank page your friend and not your enemy. Use creativity in finding subjects to write about; do not take the easy way out. Granted that writing is not easy, but it is rewarding.






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