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If you live in the United States, the shutdown indirectly affects freelancers.


First, is the fact that many businesses are spending less because of the uncertainty of if or when the government will open, and how long before normalcy returns, and businesses start requesting consulting and copywriting from freelancers.


Second, any government contracts are on hold until the house and senate can agree to open the government.


Third, the news outlets reported the philanthropists and businesses funded some of the government programs like head start. No one knows hold long they can keep funding programs before they have to stop for financial reasons.


With government at a standstill, many businesses will do more in-house and less outsourcing strictly out of finances.


Unfortunately, even freelancers abroad will fall out of jobs because we are a global economy, and the United States Economy has repercussions worldwide, which can affect freelancers worldwide.


Breaking into freelancing at this time is more difficult than normal because of the shutdown.


A time freelancers will have to work harder finding jobs, and a good time to hone skills like branding and marketing. In addition, a time to learn the basics of HTML, Yes, freelancers should know some basic HTML.


Freelancers should know some of the basic HTML code for embedding, what anchor text means, hotlinks, color code, font color code, bold and italic fonts at a minimum.


Certain types of fonts won’t work unless they are installed on the computer viewing the page, don’t use fancy fonts because not every will be able to see them.


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