English: The three biggest web search engines

English: The three biggest web search engines (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Content marketing is only one channel in marketing your business while creating a brand. Content is about using keywords and keyword phrases on your website, or blog.


The problem with using keywords is that they are not the end all.


Content must be educational and informative. When people use search engines, they are looking for specific information. The text of your content must satisfy the need that people put it the search engine.


Part of your content must be a call to action.


Content is only the beginning of branding, you must be using social media, social networking, network marketing when you are out of the office. People must get to know and trust you as someone who can help them resolve a problem or situation their having.


You must divide your time between content and networking in a civil manner, try to help people, including in the content you post.


Your content page should have a tag line that relates to how you do business, and why you want to be in business. Create a ten to fifteen second speech that says what you do.


Content and all of the other sites you visit need to have the same message, and you should be courteous, helpful, and engaging. Wait for visitors and followers to get to know you before you start pushing sales.


Sales will come in time, and your business will grow over time. There are no quick easy ways to becoming and overnight success. It takes hard work, dedication, and patience to grow a business.


The overall concept of your content it to engage your readers, get them to want to work with you over a competing business; your content should tell your story and what makes you different without deriding your competitors.


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