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English: One example of a freelance writer authoring directly to the Web. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Increasing traffic to your blog

Over the first few days of the “Ultimate Blog Challenge”, there has definitely been a marked increase in traffic and new followers to this blog, but as with most websites where you can leave a comment, few visitors do.

The hope is that visitors will share the posts with their friends, thereby improving the analytics of the website.

The content is paramount, but even with enticing content; getting people to comment seems a difficult commodity.

Blog challenge or not, increased posting does increase traffic, but publicizing your posts is also of benefit to increased traffic.

This blog is receiving more visitors and new followers. This is working organically, no special plugins, no black hat tricks, unless increased posting is black hat.

After the challenge is over, there will be fewer posts than one or two a day as it is now to reach the goal of at least thirty posts during the month of October 2013.

There will probably be two or three a week as there are things like running a business, branding, reviews, and an internship to work on. In addition, a book that Robert is writing titled “Taming the Freelance Market”, and answering questions that visitors to this blog may have about the subjects of freelance writing and marketing if he can.

Being creative while also engaging readers at least once a day isn’t easy, but it does enable one to work on a schedule and make posting a regular habit that is a good thing.

I trust the readers of this blog are getting something out of the posts, and would appreciate some comments about whether the posts are helpful, and if there is a subject that is relevant to the overall concept of this blog.

Thank you,


Robert Medak

Freelance Writer, Blogger, Editor, Proofreader, and Reviewer learning Marketing

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