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Starting about five days late makes it difficult to keep up with a post a day.


The challenge is having an effect on this blog in the form of visitors and sharing of the posts.


The statement that the more often you post, the more traffic you will get is ringing true for this blog.


However, being behind approximately five days, means posting more than once a day for a while to reach the challenge goal of thirty posts in the month of October 2013.


Along with the challenge, there are books to read for review, and work required an opportunity to learn more through an internship.


With only so many hours in a day, all of this requires more hours than just normal business hours.


This blog is the main blog out of four created by Robert Medak Freelance Writer. He has another WordPress blog and two blogs on Blogger. Robert doesn’t write as often as he should on the other blogs. He believes that this challenge will help him become more active on his other blogs.


To obtain traffic, you need to post more often than an occasional post. You must blog on a regular basis of at least a couple of times a week with posts that are engaging and educational.


You also need to publicize your posts to social media sites and more. Use tools like Hootlet, and Addthis to help you publicize your posts. This blog has seen an increase in traffic by using these tools and posting to Slidshare.


Will the increased traffic translate to more clients, only time will tell, one can only trust that with increased traffic and awareness of what you have to offer will result in opportunities to impress potential clients.






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