Why businesses need a business blog

Where you build your blog, isn’t as important as having one to interact with potential customers.

When considering building a business blog, consider using WordPress. WordPress dot com is a free platform while WordPress dot org is a self-hosted platform. If cost is a concern, opt for the dot com.

Using WordPress dot com will allow you to be online with your blog within ten to fifteen minutes. All you do is sign up, fill in a few boxes, choose a template, and you’re ready to go.

People ask what they should blog about. Depending on you niche, your content should be engaging, relevant, and easy to read. A friendly conversational style that engages the reader to let them know that you offer a product or service they need to help overcome a job they’re working on.

For example, someone needs web content for a blog or website. They might be looking for a freelance writer to help. If the freelancer has a business blog and using proper SEO, by searching the person looking for a freelance writer can find the business blog and see the writer’s writing style.

A blog gives businesses a web presence, which can translate into sales. Let’s face it, all businesses want sales. A blog can help you get potential customers to spend time checking out what you have to offer. You want to build relationships, when working with customers, under sell and over deliver.

Do not use terms like new, best, or improved and others as this might turn a reader off since these terms have been over used to the point they are meaningless.

A business blog should be one where the business must be authentic and one that customers would want to work with.



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