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Robbing your productivity

If you are a freelancer working from home, there are numerous daily distractions, which can occur over which you have no control.

For example: giving pets a bath, helping your spouse with the home, picking up children from school, taking children to out of home activities, veterinarian visits, automobile inspections, mail, and much more. All of these can rob you of being productive.

There is Email for business, possibly periodicals to read, learn more to improve your skills.

So, how can you be more productive?

Over the years via the school of hard knocks, a great teacher, setting a daily schedule on a calendar, computer prompt, daily To Do list, any way to program your life, and perhaps spending more hours than normal at your business.

This means, reading, setting schedules, and creating a list for the next day when you close down normal business hours. As entrepreneurs there are interruptions while trying to run a business, mundane things in life like grocery shopping, dental appointments, and medical appointments, and family time interrupt us while trying to run a business.

As an entrepreneur, you are first an employee, you are running a business, and there are myriad things you’re going to deal with.

Now, about Email and social media, two of the ultimate time wasters, there is a simple way to cut down on the time you spend on these productivity killers. Find some kind of countdown timer. Set it per a schedule for an amount of time to deal with priority mail only, work on the other mail later. Set the timer for a set amount of time for your social media, deal with it later.

During your normal business hours, work on what is necessary to run and grow your business.

Some things will be hard, but you are a businessperson and need to run your business if you want to succeed.


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