Hoping followers of this blog don’t get upset with the upcoming quantity of posts for accepting a blog challenge to create a post a day during the month of October 2013. Starting late, to get at least thirty posts during the month of October 2013.

To create an original post a day is quite a challenge for anyone who considers themselves creative and only writes 100 percent original copy.

Would you accept such a challenge?

The posts on this blog will have to be relevant to all previous posts in concept.

Perhaps accepting this challenge will help stir some hereto-unknown creative passion, improve the content, and bring new sources of traffic to this blog.

One reason for a blog is to draw traffic as part of an overall branding plan.

If you are a creative writer, one way to publicize your latest project, book, or for samples of your writing style than to have a platform you can refer people to, or draw traffic with a way of contacting you for possible assignments.

Having a blog helps with an SEO plan, relevance in search engines, and a place for people to interact with you. Your blog should have a way for people to contact you, sign up for your newsletter, freebies, or giveaways.

Anything you do repeatedly becomes a habit. Repetition also brings improvement if you challenge yourself to improve by making it a game where you compete with yourself to make each project better than the one before.

Think back to a time when you were in school and had to read or write something. You got better the more you did it.

In life, repetition is what people do at work, and working at your top level will also aid in improving the tasks you do and how you do them. Only your best is good enough.


Robert Medak

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