English: Sign in front on of the Minnesota His...

English: Sign in front on of the Minnesota Historical Society Building stating that the building and office are closed due to the 2011 Minnesota State Government Shutdown. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Regardless of your political affiliation, a government shutdown isn’t a good thing, especially if your small business has government contracts.

Different businesses may be more or less affected by the possible government shutdown, if business does fall off, think of it as a time to look for opportunities to learn more, organize, and trying to find new markets for your product or services.

In any slow periods, you need to evaluate your options, spend time marketing, trying new markets, working on your social media networking searching for your next client, or selling your product. You might consider creating a new product, revamping something older into something new.

Just because there is a lean period, doesn’t mean your thought processes stop and wait for things to get better. Go out and make opportunities, find new clients that might need what you offer.

In lean periods when you have extra time, create new marketing materials, update your web site, add new blog posts, your marketing is a never ending learning process.

Lean periods are an opportunity to look at your goals, set new ones, and set your small business up for success by educating yourself about business, marketing, social media, HTML, and your niche. Has anything changed in these areas?

You’re probably thinking HTML. You don’t need to be an expert coder, but you should have some knowledge of HTML.

HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) is the language used in many ways; one is to embed pictures and videos into your blog. You can also embed sites into other sites you might have.

Just because the government may shutdown is no excuse to sit back and do nothing in your small business.


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