Working on chapter three of “Taming the Freelance Market”, about some myths of freelancing, looking for work, reading books for review, and branding my business.

Too bad, there aren’t more hours in the day, but learning time management via the school of hard knocks, as usual. Time management is an essential skill for anyone working as an entrepreneur.

Again, I reiterate that writing is a business, which makes writers entrepreneurs.  Entrepreneurs are small business owners, whether working solo or in a partnership with someone, they are a small business.

Since people are individual and unique, each of you must put on the school attire and learn in the way that is relevant for you.

Practice is the way that seems best suited for moi. Individuals must choose their own way and in their own time. Eventually, individuals figure it out, and with daily practice get better. My turn should come, soon would be nice.

I would like input from readers of my blog about subjects and leave comments about what they think and maybe subscribe to keep up with what happens on this blog, shameless plug, but the more input, the better “Taming the Freelance Market” will be through research of the thoughts of potential subjects about freelancing and chapter information.

The purpose of “Taming the Freelance Market” is to enlighten anyone considering freelancing to make money. “Taming the Freelance Market” is about the good, bad, and ugly of freelancing from an insider freelancer since February 2006.

Freelancing stemmed from being an avid reader and book reviewer. Those of us who love the written word consider doing something with words. Having reviewed several self-published books and noticing errors, from writing reviews, the natural extension was writing, blogging, editing, and proofreading. The aim is to help wannabe authors, authors, and business people with content and context.

That is the mission of Robert Medak Freelance Writer, and no deep pockets, branding and marketing are part of my homework.


Robert Medak

Freelance Writer, Blogger, Editor, Proofreader, and Reviewer learning Marketing

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