As a member of a LinkedIn group, and noticing a complaint brought forth that people seem unwilling to pay for the quality writing they request.

Espousing that writing is a business for years, freelance writers need to value what they create, and not settle for less. Understanding, that without a steady income source to feed the animals pay the rent and the things of living that sometimes writing for low pay might have a place between eating and not in today’s economy. Writers need to insure that whomever they work for are aware that quality writing costs real money.

Never take writing lightly, because as a writer you are an entrepreneur in the fullest sense of the word. If you freelance in any niche, you must wear many of the same hats that every entrepreneur must wear. Think about this statement for a bit.

Any time you work freelance for a client, experience should equal higher rates than a novice should. No one starts at the top. It takes quality work and a brand building to equal those higher rates. Hard work and striving for excellence is what builds a brand, also the person behind the brand.

Freelancers compete with other freelancers from around the world. There are hundreds, if not thousands of freelancers vying for the same job you are. Freelancers need to find out what is unique about them from the others. This is where previous work comes into play.

Previous work is your experience, and you need to market that experience though multiple marketing channels.

You may not get the job you want, but that is life. The idea is to be ready for any opportunity.

During those times when work is thin, work on your craft and marketing. Most freelancers will tell you that it takes years to become the go to person. Dedicate yourself to learning, practice, and reading the kind of writing you want to write.

There are no crosscut to success, and don’t be afraid to turn down work if you and the client aren’t a good fit. Look for the next opportunity.


Robert Medak

Freelance Writer, Blogger, Editor, Proofreader, and Reviewer learning Marketing

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