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The Healthy Eating Pyramid, from the Harvard School of Public Health (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Entrepreneurs can’t have sick days like those that workers for businesses do. Entrepreneurship means that you are an employee of the entrepreneurial business, especially a solo entrepreneur.


Living with chronic medical conditions


I do, at my age things go awry as you age. I have a number of chronic medical conditions that I live with on a daily basis. There is no need to create a litany of my numerous conditions. Some of them are serious and need medication to remain healthy, but this doesn’t mean that I can ignore them are get to a point of nonchalance about them. It also means that one or two of the many may not rear its ugly side now and then.


Just to give you an idea of what I put up with a month, there are eleven prescriptions taken at different intervals. Some three times a day, some twice a day, one every Sunday, and one every other week by injection. Sounds like fun, doesn’t it.


The reason to mention all this is the fact that occasionally one of the many conditions may make working from home difficult. You can do all you can to guard your health, things happen like they did for me where I was close to passing out, and balance problems, which, as can imagine, caused more than a few problems with work for clients in my business.


The point is that as an entrepreneur, you can only do your best at staying healthy while living with chronic conditions.


If something comes up, no matter what, keep your clients apprised of what is happening with their project if the situation will delay the timeframe you’ve given them. This is what any responsible entrepreneur does.


A nutritionally healthy diet, exercise, proper sleep, and mental health breaks are a necessary part of remaining healthy so you can work on your business and available for clients. Of course there may be times when a chronic medical condition may cause a problem, but never ignore what your body is telling you.


Remaining as healthy as possible is the job of every entrepreneur running a small business, albeit from home or a storefront.


To your health as you age.




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