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Mentioning the term SEO Web Content in a LinkedIn group, member John asked what the term SEO Web Content meant, I doubt I can repeat my reply here.

My definition of SEO Web Content is Web copy writing utilizing keywords, long tail keywords, and keyword phrases to enhance webpage SEO for greater search engine ranking as part of an overall SEO strategy.

Some inherent problems with SEO Web content

First, the main concern when creating keyword content is doing the proper keyword research.

What keywords do you want your site to rank for in search engines?

What keywords are people searching that are relevant to your site?

How to properly use the keywords in your Web content for search engine ranking.

Calculating keyword density, too high or too low can have adverse effects.

Second, Web writing.

Writing for the Web is different from other forms of writing, like academic, creative, or even e-mails for business opposed to e-mail to friends.

It takes time and experience in creating 100-percent original copy that is search engine friendly.

Any copy that is less than 70 to 75 percent different from the copy found online via plagiarism checking software will not rank high in search engines, and search engines might even downgrade the site for this reason.

All copy needs plagiarism checking via programs such as Copyscape, Grammarly, or perform a search for the many sites offering plagiarism checking for your copy.

Plagiarism reflects poorly on website, and the writer. It can also get sites banned from search engine ranking.

Sites should only use 100-percent original quality content.

Would you wish to work with someone who steals copy or uses some software that can create multiple copies just by changing some adverbs, or someone creative that can create 100-percent original work?

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Robert Medak  Freelance Writer, Blogger, Editor, Proofreader, Reviewer, and Marketer