When beginning writers ask for advice about what to write about, the stock answer is to write what you know.

I look at it differently; writing about what you know may be comfortable for beginners, but how many readers are there that want to read a book about what you know, what about fantasy, thrillers, mainstream romance, and science fiction?

Writers should write about their passion. If a writer likes mysteries, than they should read many of them, and then write one.

Good writers need to be avid readers. If a writer doesn’t like to read, they probably won’t be a good writer. The reason for this is simple; writers must have a passion for words and language to be a good writer.

Many writers worry about something called voice, a writer’s voice will develop over time as the writer writes. Voice can also change over time as the writer hones their writing by writing.

Only ghostwriters worry about the ability of writing in someone else’s voice. This takes special skill and is not something that beginners should attempt. Ghostwriting is for seasoned writers, and those who specialize in it.

Back to the subject

First, writing is a business not a hobby. Writers whose dream is to write and publish are entrepreneurs and must have this mindset. Think about this, what are you willing to do for your book?

Unless you self-publish, it could cost a minimum of $1,500 to $2,000 for you to work through an agent, or to work with various publishers you can find by searching the Internet to get your book published. Bear in mind that publishing houses are reluctant to work with unknown and unpublished writers.

Second, writers must have a passion for what they write, because if they don’t, the story will not engage the reader properly. The reader may become bored, set the book down, and not pick it up again. Now the writer has possibly lost a reader forever.

Who is your audience?

This is another point that is continually brought up; don’t try to jump on the latest bandwagon. By the time your book comes out, the bandwagon could have changed. Trying to write the latest fad is never a good idea.

Think about movies for a moment, how many times have you seen a movie with a big box office, and then everyone makes a similar movie. Are those movies as good? Usually not, and neither are many sequels.

Writing is the loneliest and time-consuming vocation one can chose. Writers sit for hours in solitary with only their thoughts and blank pages to fill with words that create something new for readers.

Robert Medak

Freelance Writer/Blogger/Editor/Proofreader/Reviewer/Marketer