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Screenshot of “Garys Social Media Count” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I wrote a post, Do You Use Social Media, for authors on the blog 4RV Reading, Writing, & Art News to which I contribute articles. I posted a definition of social media and mentioned network media.

That definition is Social Media is any online form of communicating, which individuals employ; including blogs, and microblogs like Twitter. Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+ are social networking sites, of which there are many, and are a demarcation to  “industrial media,” refering to radio, Television, and film produced by professionals in these areas of media.

With many large corporations adopting social media, many small businesses wonder how they can compete on social media sites. Social media is an equal opportunity site; anyone from entrepreneur to small business can have the same presence as anyone else.

The problem with some accounts is that they spend time selling, and not building relationships. It’s called Social Media because it’s about being social, not a sales pitch site.

Who are you on social media? This is where your bio comes into play. Without a complete bio, or posts you’re not likely to get many followers, including me.

Social media is about engagement. People must get to know and trust any brand or individual before they are willing to purchase any product or service from you.

Social media sites are a place to share information your followers can use and share with their followers if it’s relevant to them.

When using micro-blogs where characters and spaces are limited, it doesn’t mean you should use internet language rather than using proper language. If you post on Twitter, you can use a program such as Twitlonger, which allows you to post more than 140 characters when using Twitter.

Using the Web is not a place to be lazy when writing. It can be a place to work on improving your writing. Your written communication skills are in front of the world and speak about the author.

Social Media and Networking sites are one way of many for people to learn about what you have to offer by being engaging and personable by sharing information. The main idea is to be available to help people and create relationships because word-of-mouth is still the best form of marketing, which every business, entrepreneur, and author needs to succeed.

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