Journal of Business Ethics

Journal of Business Ethics (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Integrity: According to one dictionary, integrity means Moral soundness. This means that a business or entrepreneur is what they say and do in relation to their business.

A set of principles that a business is unwavering when it comes to a product or a service that clients seek from said business.

Personal and corporate integrity is part of being ethical. I believe in and have signed the Business Ethics Pledge, which all businesses and entrepreneurs should at least read and possibly incorporate into daily business activities, and interactions with customers.

Harvard Students Take Ethics Pledge. More schools should adopt a course in ethics. Corporations, small businesses, and entrepreneurs should adopt ethical behavior when it comes to customer interaction.

Treating customers ethically and honestly is good for your bottom line, customer retention, and word of mouth advertising.

What you are helping to create is a world where a moral code of business ethics in which honesty, integrity, and quality are normal for customers.

For freelancers, having a contract stating exactly what each party is bringing to the table and what steps are to be taken are spelled out between customer and supplier.

Failure to act in an ethical and responsible way is what brings bad thoughts when outsourcing for companies, and causing low rates for freelancers since potential customers are not aware of what is involved in creating a product or service the customer is requesting.

Part of being ethical is to maintain your principles, offering your product or service at a reasonable price and keeping the customer apprised of where their project is at any given time, and most important is to never miss a deadline unless there is a good reason and the customer receives notification well in advance as possible.

Robert Medak

Freelance Writer/Blogger/Editor/Proofreader/Reviewer/Marketer