Customers are Ignoring You

Customers are Ignoring You (Photo credit: ronploof)

Why entrepreneurs need more than one platform, the simple answer is the more places potential customers for your products and services, the better.

Now comes the con. It takes time and someone to watch over the various platforms for any type of feedback from customers. Feedback could come in the form of questions, experiencing a problem, clarification about an order or product. Someone needs to be available to answer customer’s concerns.

This is what platforms are about, while also building relationships with current and potential customers. A relationship is what retains customers. It costs less to retain current customers than to acquire new ones.

Satisfied customers are entrepreneur’s best forms of marketing, word of mouth. This only works with platforms where customers can interact with entrepreneurs quickly to resolve any issue and to tell about their experience in the form of notes or letters they can submit on a form, or post something to a platform.

Many buzzwords tossed around, but what do they mean.

People hear the term social media, network marketing, SEO, optimization, platform, and more.

What this boils down to is some way to get in front of your customers using websites, and other interactive sites like Facebook, Foursquare, Google +, LinkedIn, Twitter and others interacting real time with current customers and potential customers to purchase products or services from entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurs have to remember not to choose just one platform and to keep platforms such as blogs and websites dynamic not static, because search engines like dynamic websites and blogs. Dynamic content will enhance search engine ratings making these sites easier for searchers to find.

The content is something else that needs addressing. The content must be relevant to the site and the content must be quality content not something found copied and pasted just for the sake of content.

Content must be original, well written, with correct spelling, grammar, punctuation, and clear of typos. Search engines don’t like duplicate content. There are many software programs and online sites to check for plagiarism of content before posting to a blog or landing page.

Note: Always post only original content to score high with search engines and not get band from search engines.

Creation and maintenance of a platform will require time and dedication from an entrepreneur, but will help with business growth.


Robert Medak

Freelance Writer/Blogger/Editor/Reviewer/Marketer