Today’s society is one that uses the Internet more than any other source for quick searching of information and purchases.

If businesses want to interact with potential customers or keep in touch with current customers, they need some platform. Some well-known platforms are Facebook, Twitter, Blog, or Web site.

There must be some way to connect with customers and keep the business in the forefront of their thoughts when considering a new purchase or mentioning a business to someone. Word of mouth is still the best form of advertising.

Imagine having a platform that your customers can an offer to someone who needs what your business has. This brings in to pay not just having a platform, but a relevant and interactive platform. Interactive is the sense that your platform is easy to navigate, easy for customers and potential customers to find what they are looking for, also a simple and easy way to contact the business directly.

As part of interactivity, a map that shows directions to your business is a requirement unless you work strictly online and customers don’t come to you. A simple relevant easy to remember domain for your business is necessary when people are searching on the Internet, or handheld device.

It does take time to build a platform; not spending the time required can diminish the effectiveness of your platform. You can find businesses like Dell, Toyota, P&G, and many small businesses using social media platforms beside their Web site.

Every business considering developing a platform also needs to consider using more than one. By monitoring their platforms, businesses are able to see which platform works better, and spend time enhancing that platform. The point is, never rely on just one platform for your business.

Businesses need to be in front of potential customers and easy reachable by search and customer satisfaction to receive word of mouth recommendations. Using the social media platforms to connect with customers, businesses can respond quickly to anything that a customer or potential customer may wish a response to; this interaction can goes a long way toward improving customer relations.

Robert Medak

Freelance writer, blogger, editor, reviewer, marketer