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You can join numerous social media sites beside Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, and Twitter. There are sites on, Spruz, Scribd, Digg, and StumbleUpon to name just a few.

The question is, “Is quantity better than quality?”

The point should be to follow, also followed by individuals or businesses relevant to your business, and keep things professional. If you want something personal, get a second account and keep it for things about family and friends.

What Not to Post on Social Media Sites

If you have a personal non-business account, you also need to be aware of what you posted to your personal account.

In business, you are the brand and possible clients or HR people look online to check people out more than ever before. Imagine what someone sees when they look up your name or business online and see you with a beer in your hand, or talking negatively about a passed boss or some client.

If there are negative posts, and pictures that you would not want a prospective employer to see, don’t post them.

What Quality Brings that Quantity Doesn’t

As an entrepreneur, relevant quality followers are much better than following and followed by people who may never be clients because they don’t need my services. It is much better to connect with individuals and businesses that do need my services, or are in my niche.

As an entrepreneur, I would rather have 500 quality connections than 2,000 connections that means, I’m connected but my connections bring nothing to the business table.

The point of social media is to connect and market without being salesy. No one likes a pushy salesperson online at social media sites. The point is to be visible, let them check out what you have to offer, if you are running a special, have a freebie, running a contest, or have a limited time offer.

Social media is about entrepreneurs building relationships and trust for their business, also to let people know you exist. Only when a prospective client comes to you can you talk with them building trust can you make a sale at some time in the future.

The truth is most visitors to your site may make more than one contact before they decide to purchase your product or service. Take the time to build a relationship. Relationships sell, and so do referrals from people you’ve taken the time to build relationships with them.

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