I have gone as far as signing a Business Ethics Pledge. On my Website, I offer only 100 percent original work, no PLR, re-writes, and test in Copyscape for any possible Plagiarism.

How many other business people; writers are in business; would be willing to do the same when they write copy or in the way they run their business?

Is there a place for being ethical about what you write? Do you pass on writing academic papers because someone is looking for a writer to write a dissertation or a paper they will possibly turn in as their own work? I do it all the time.

Would you be considered a “writing whore”, as posted in the newsletter from Remarkablogger?

A “writing whore” is someone willing to write anything just for the money. For this I ask, are you as a writer willing to write even for low pay just to make money?

When writers write for low pay, they diminish the status of all writers. There seems to be a myth that writing is easy and therefore not worth pay for quality of work.

Realizing that there are many job sites when one can find freelance work, choosing to work for low wages is up to the individual, but ask yourself, are you making what your time is worth, and is the work ethical?

Is all of your work the best it can be? This also falls under the ethics umbrella. If you are a writer, you owe it to yourself and clients to do the best work you are capable of at all times, and trying to improve with each new piece. Do you?

I consider myself a writer always ready to learn the next part of the craft of writing. Always learn, grow, practice, and write something every day. This is what being a writer is. Think of writing as a business that you are in control of, because you are.

Waiting to hear your thoughts about this post.

Robert Medak

Freelance writer/editor/blogger/reviewer

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