There are many good points to running a home-based business:

  • No Boss
  • Setting your own schedule
  • Choosing which project to work on
  • Choosing which client to work with
  • No commute
  • Solo working
  • Close to coffee or snacks
  • No standing in line for drinks or food
  • No timed lunch break

The bad points are:

  • Possible distractions
  • The need for a quiet place to work
  • You work alone
  • You need work space
  • You need high speed internet
  • You need a computer separate from the family
  • You need a separate phone line
  • You need proper rest, exercise, and diet to keep healthy

The Ugly points are:

  • Marketing
  • Branding
  • Finding clients
  • Finding work
  • Finding time to work on projects
  • Keeping records
  • Keeping the home-based business in separate bank accounts
  • Hard to work with clients
  • Tax records
  • Dealing with city regulations and licensing

There are good, bad, and ugly parts of running a business out of your home, but the good out ways the bad and the ugly if your’re passionate about the business you want to run from your home.

You must always strike a balance between your business and personal life to avoid burnout. You must also remember that you are an entrepreneur who enjoys what they are doing, if you don’t, why are you in business.

Robert Medak

Freelance Writer/Editor/Reviewer