Are you someone with a calling to write or someone looking to make money by writing?

If you are the former, you think of writing as something almost spiritual. An art you are lucky enough to enjoy, and despise at the same time. You work hard at improving your craft.

If you are the latter, writing some content for a client is mostly writing just for the money with little regard to the actual relevance of the copy. Many people are just looking for keyword glut although they are asking for quality and willing to pay less than slave wages.

I hope that most writers care about what, and the ethics of what they are writing.


Is it right for a writer to write a term paper just for money?

I have turned down jobs for two reasons.

  1. Ethics
  2. Money

I don’t charge high prices for my work; neither will I go below a certain minimum I have set for myself. My main concern is helping people with writing, editing, and proofreading needs with a fair price for both of us. I don’t care to be a six-figure business; I am just looking to help people in any way I can for a reasonable price.

Could I charge more than I do? Probably, but why? I would rather have many clients at a lower price than a few at a higher price.

Bombarded constantly with programs, DVDs, software and more advertisements on how to make more money in my business, the only ones making the money are the ones selling this stuff.

I work my way, which allows me to face myself in the mirror in the morning. I will not prostitute my principles for the sake of money.

Writing is serious business; writers should compete with their last piece of copy to make the present one better. You can only compete against yourself.

Robert J Medak

Freelance Writer/Editor/Reviewer

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