Businesses could use freelance writers because:

1. It takes time to become a good and compelling writer needed for a business

2. Writing for the Web is not like other types of writing

3. Training an in-house person to be a writer takes time

4. The current writer may be on vacation, get sick, or quit

5. A freelance might have more experience than someone might in-house in a small to medium sized business.

6. A freelance writer will cost less since they are not an employee and are not subject to benefits that an employee is

Businesses are looking to cut costs and up production.

How often does a business need something written for the Web, newsletter, or other materials?

Is it enough to justify the cost of training someone within the business and wait on a learning curve? It is more cost effective to outsource to someone who writes for a living, especially on a short deadline.

Most freelancers write per project. If a business doesn’t need them, there is no expense. When freelancers are hired, they cost less because they are not an employee. Therefore, no benefits are do, no taxes, no worker comp, and so on.

Freelancers must take care of their own taxes, and health insurance.

In the end, freelancers are cheaper than having someone sitting around until they are needed; or pulled of something important, just to write a small piece of copy.

Business owners must make the final decision.

Robert Medak

Freelance writer, editor, proofreader, book reviewer, marketer