Starting a freelance writing career is easy, all you need are writing skills, good grammar, patience, perseverance, and a good deal of practice writing quality content; this is only for blogging. A freelance writing career is your days filled with writing, learning, and marketing. Marketing? Yes, marketing, do not expect clients to come to you if they don’t know you exist.

If you want to pursue other types of writing like SEO Web content, ghost writing books, guest and ghost writing blogs, and much more, you will need to learn the individual writing techniques involved in the type of freelance writing you wish to pursue.

Set a schedule of activities for your freelance writing career workweek:

Time actively pursuing writing jobs

Time practicing your writing skills

Time marketing yourself (you are your brand)

Time writing when you find a client

Time organizing your work area or office

Time learning how to ignore distractions

Time to learn the difference between Chicago, AP, APA, and MLA styles of writing

Time to learn about how different word processing programs work, not just the simple functions, but formatting also. Microsoft Word is the de facto standard that most clients want the copy delivered to them in. Above all, DO Not rely on the spell checker and grammar checker in word processing programs.

Time on editing and revising your writing to make sure you have the right word choice for the copy

Time learning more about all of the above

This is the life of a freelance writer, especially starting out on a writing career. As you work on a freelance writing career, some of this will become second nature, but never become complacent in your writing, it will show if you do.

A freelance writing career is a good career, but it take hard work and dedication to be successful as a freelance writer.

Robert Medak

Freelance writer, editor, proofreader, book reviewer, marketer