The basic definition of Freelance Writing is working as an independent contractor writing to the needs of the client. As an independent contractor, you are not staff and have none of the benefits of being an employee for a company.

Is freelance writing the same as copy writing?

Working as a freelance writer one of the items you may write is copy for a client’s marketing materials, press releases, web content, newsletters, blog posts, articles, sales pages, white papers, reports, and much more. The copywriter may only write specific pieces of copy and not be the generalist that a freelance writer might be. It is a case of semantics.

Robert J Medak

Freelance Writer/Editor/Reviewer

According to WordWeb Pro, a dictionary, thesaurus, and more software program, a freelance writer is; a writer or artist who sells services to different employers without a long-term contract with any of them, while a copywriter is; a person employed to write advertising or publicity copy.

In today’s environment, the terms VA (Virtual Assistants), Freelance Writers, and Copywriters seem to blur the distinction found in lexicons. It is up to the individual as to what term they used to call what they do and whether they are a specialist or generalist when it come to writing copy (Matter to be printed; exclusive of graphical materials). By this definition, all writing is copy writing. That is where the terms, VA, freelance writer, and copywriter become blurred as to any difference between them.

For the rest of this article the term writer will encompass them all.

No matter what term you choose to call yourself the bottom line is that they all write copy written for a specific client’s needs, and should always be written to the best ability of the writer with trying to constantly improve as a writer.

What do writers do for their clients?

Writers should bring experience writing copy and working hard to ensure that the client’s message reaches the intended audience in clear concise language free of grammar, spelling, punctuation errors, as well as typographical errors. A writer’s copy is not just a reflection on the client, but the writer as well as all writers.