Why do writers need to value their work? The simple answer is found in a quote by Nathaniel Hawthorne, “Easy reading is damn hard writing.” If writing were easy, there would be no need for freelance writers.

A writer may spend hours on one sentence to get it just right. To create a piece of copy that induces the reader to take some action is not an easy piece of copy to right without making it salesy or overbearing. The copy should have something to say and explain what action the reader should take without beating them over the head.

There are those that may take the easy route of using PLR or article spinning software, but coming up with 100 percent original copy take time, effort, and creativity. It depends on the individual writer as to what their copy is, mine is always 100 percent original, and I am proud of that fact.

If the writing entails articles, web copy, newsletters, are whatever the client requests, freelance writers owe the client their best original work, and the client should pay a commensurate rate for this work. One dollar for error free 500-word original copy is not close to what the copy is worth.

They are many places to find work, but is the work worth bidding on? In most cases, the answer is no. On many job boards the job poster is looking for the lowest bid, which usually means less than one-half cent a word. A new writer than is bidding on work should receive at least one-cent a word as a minimum in my opinion, and the more seasoned should receive a higher rate.

If someone chooses to write for low wages that is their prerogative, personally this is not for me. It takes time to write good copy and do what is necessary to satisfy the client. Clients should understand this and be willing to pay the freelance writer a fair rate for the work in creating good copy.

Writers, please value the work you do.

Robert Medak

Freelance Writer/Editor/Reviewer