Copywriting + spirituality = conscious marketing materials

The calculation is a new one, but it reveals exciting possibilities as we move ahead with a fresh, inspired vision for business.

Traditional copywriting is saturated with the intent to get you to do one thing as a consumer; buy. Conscious copywriting is saturated with the intent to get you to do two things as a consumer; 1) consider whether or not the offer resonates with you, and 2) decide for yourself.

The purpose of traditional copywriting is solely to sell. The purpose of conscious copywriting is solely to serve. There’s no judgment here of right or wrong, good or bad. It’s simply a matter of recognizing that our world of commerce is shifting dramatically from selling to serving.

Conscious business owners place a high priority on providing value. They are not content to throw out an offer just to make a buck. The basis for everything they do is truly to be of service, applying their unique combination of life experiences and knowledge. So, whether they offer products or services, the emphasis on providing value for what you purchase is of primary concern.

What’s so interesting–and frankly, unexpected–about the shift to serving is that sales aren’t compromised. No longer limited by the belief that we must choose between service or success, we provide quality offerings based on core spiritual values and grow thriving businesses.

The grand paradigm shift-of-the-ages is impacting every facet of life, including business. And as spiritual business owners, we welcome the changes that come with it because it means exploration that is simultaneously created and discovered. How fun is that?! As entrepreneurs, there’s nothing more enticing than a new challenge. We never retreat from innovation. In fact, that’s the environment in which we most shine.

Business and spirituality are perfectly paired because they continually propel each other; one needn’t be compromised for the other. They can harmoniously co-exist. And as the caregivers of this approach, we have front row seats to witness the positive and far-reaching impact of a marketing method that was our own collective, conscious creation.


Original article by Charlon Bobo

Charlon Bobo is an empowerment mentor and entrepreneurial visionary, as well as a copywriter, editor, online marketer and best-selling author. Affectionately known as the ‘conscious entrepreneur’ she develops high-impact marketing materials for conscious business owners so their message resonates with customers to increase sales, credibility and exposure. See more at and