Let’s give the ego what it wants–something to be proud of and crow about. This way we can knock the “I’m not good enough” thought block on its ass. Grab your journal, find a comfy spot, put some music on and light a candle. Divide your life into decades. Now put down on paper:

1. Every accomplishment you’ve ever achieved. Did your painting in first grade art get selected to hang in the principle’s office? Write it down. Did you get elected class president in eighth grade? Write it down. And so on, through the decades.

2. Write down everything you’re good at–writing, knitting, gardening, hiking, taking care of kids, airplane mechanics, social media–anything. Really think about this and write it all down, no matter how small.

3. Find a way to bookmark this page, either turning the corner down so you can access it again, or copying all these accomplishments to the computer, where you can either print them out or have ready reference to them.

4. Every time your energy flags and you start to tell yourself you aren’t good enough, refer back to this list immediately. Revel in how fantastic and cool you are. And now go back to your writing.

Writer, mentor, and coach Charlotte Rains Dixon is passionate about helping writers, coaches, entrepreneurs, and creative professionals succeed, achieve, and profit in their careers and lives through writing. Visit her for more tips and techniques on writing–and living–at www.wordstrumpet.com.