There are many opportunities and programs for taking PLR (Private Label Rights) articles and spinning them to create something new out of it. If you are a writer like me that offers 100 percent original copy to his clients, PLR is not something I wish to get involved with in my writing. I am a writer, a writer who has signed the Business Ethics Pledge.

By signing the Business Ethics Pledge, you are stating a level of ethics in business and your clients. To me, it means that, if I say my work is 100 percent original, it is. It doesn’t mean that I have taken PLRs and rewritten it for a client or to post on my blogs.

I have also turned down work from people looking for a paper on a certain subject they can submit for a course they are taking. The reason, in my opinion this is not ethical. I believe in ethical writing as a freelancer. This may not bother some, but it rubs my integrity feathers the wrong way. I pride myself on being ethical and true to my word, not writing a paper for a student to get a good grade.

I have ghost written articles written under contract and were used online. This is not a problem for me. I do have a problem with rewriting something that someone else wrote and calling it original, original is what comes from me. This is being ethical and showing one’s integrity. At the end of the copy, can you feel good about what you have written, and is the copy yours. I can say yes; and I feel good about what I have written.

If I write an article, blog post, or review, I know that I have done my best original writing and am satisfied with it. Of course, I am always striving to improve with every piece of writing I do. To do less is to become complacent and stagnant. No writer should fall into this trap. The trap is complacent equals sloppy for some, or the beginnings of none improvement.

I have had people tell me to choose the best PLR for my purpose and use it because it comes from a well-known, highly respected source. It is still someone else’s work not mine. My website, blogs, and marketing material touts 100 percent original copy for clients; can I do less for myself? This is my doctrine, which I stand for.
Other writers can do what they wish, I hold myself to high standards of being ethical and allowing my moral sense to shine through in my dealings with people and my copy.

Each freelancer has to make their own decision as to PLR or Not, for me it is a question of ethics and integrity, which leads me to enter the No camp.