Many sites that list jobs either take a percentage or want you to subscribe for a per month charge to receive a list of jobs. This may be nice, but there is no guarantee that you will get a job, and some sites offer things like filling out surveys. Stay away from those. Many jobs you will be bidding on if you chose to go that route offer things like an original 500-word article that will pass Copyscape for the grand sum of $1 or perhaps $1.50. This is unacceptable to anyone who call themselves a freelance writer. Reading the requirements of some jobs, the person posting the jobs states they will only accept the lowest bid.

No freelancer should have to pay to find work, or sell his or her work for slave wages. There are many legitimate ways of finding work that you don’t have to pay for. It takes some work to find these jobs, and the freelancer will have to do some work to find them. Being a freelancer for over 3 years, paying to find work is not an option. Possibly, if a guarantee came with it, things would be different; but since there is no guarantee, paying to receive a list is not an option for this freelancer.

To pay or not to pay, is up to the individual freelancer. What are willing to do to find jobs? With work available, free through newsletters and other places, why should you pay some subscription? Do your homework and find newsletters and sites that offer jobs lists free. Check out the newsletter at About Abundant Writing News.

There is no one site fits all, do the research and find what works for you. Numerous sites list writing jobs that you can check out. Find these sites and see if you find work that is what you are looking for. Freelancers should not have to pay to find work. No one should pay to find work, or give up a percentage to some entity for their hard work.