Marketing has many different looks, social media being only one. Marketing involves a presence, or platform, for you to gain traffic for your website, blog, and social media site. This traffic allows clients to find you. Once a prospective client arrives at your site, it is not just the content found on your site, it is also, what offer a client that will cause him to stay, come back, or ultimately purchase your goods or services.

Why should someone purchase from you? Why are you better than someone else is? Do you offer something more, or free? Is there extra value for their money?

Unless you are out there on blogs, social media sites, and a website, and more online, who will know about you? Social media and networking with others is a good way to let the world know about what you have to offer.

As part of a marketing plan, social media, and networking with others is good for all. As other media is diminishing, the internet is becoming the new way to advertise and market your business or services for others to find you.

For those with limited budgets, online is free. Social media sites, blogs and other media sites for publishing articles, can get the freelance writer known and attract people to your site. Only with examples of your work, can prospective clients or publishers of print magazines learn something about your style and writing skills.

One thing you will have to learn about being part of the social media is that you have to participate. You can just create an account and just sit there, you must be a helpful and friendly part of the site you choose to network, or be a part of, such as Twitter, Facebook, or whichever network you choose to become a participant.