Chapter One
What is Freelance Writing?

There are numerous books about freelance writing, than why another book about freelance writing?

People have asked me questions about becoming a freelance writer. I will try to impart from my personal experiences about my working at becoming a freelance writer. In addition, I hope some things may be set straight without the hype I have seen on some web sites. This is about the details of freelance writing as I see it from the inside.

Freelance writing is comprised of many types of copy. This copy consists of, articles, book reviews, ghost writing, copy writing, editing, SEO articles and web content, marketing materials, flyers, brochures, press releases, cv/ résumé, any new of review of existing copy a client requests from the freelance writer. These are the basics of being a freelance writer. You will write in many formats, and on many subjects. The client may edit the copy you write, the client may not be right, but they are the client, and the client is always right. If you cannot check your ego at the door, you might not make it as a freelance writer.