All authors need a marketing plan. A marketing plan is how a writer lets people know he is available for writing jobs. You can develop your own marketing plan by doing some research on marketing. There are many platforms for your marketing. Find what works best for you on a personal level. This may be an area out of your comfort zone, plain and simple; you will have to market your services if you want freelance writing jobs.

Marketing is not a one-time deal. You must have a marketing plan that is flexible and in constant flux as you fine-tune it over time as things change; also, there is no one plan fits all. If you write for a particular niche, you must create a marketing plan for that specific niche.

If as a freelance writer you choose to expand, and not go for a specific niche, your marketing plan will be different from the writer who does choose a niche. This is up to the individual freelance writer to choose for himself. Before looking for writing jobs sit down and design a marketing plan that you can adjust over time to fit the needs of your business.

If this is all too much for you to consider, you might want to hire a marketer. This might be idea if you have the money. Most marketers are not cheap, and neither are courses about marketing. If you can find a course at a college or university, you can learn about marketing. If you don’t have the money, visit your local library and do the research to learn how to market yourself.

In an ideal world, having someone do the marketing for is nice, as it will allow you write. Unfortunately, this is an ideal world, and many writers don’t have the money to hire full-time marketers. We must fend for ourselves. This means that if you want to be a freelance writer, you will also have to market yourself any way you can.

If potential clients don’t know you are a writer, you may not get any clients. Still the best marketing in word of mouth, but someone somewhere has to know you are a writer, this is where some type of marketing comes into play. Think about it. All businesses need a marketing plan. The only difference is how much each company has to spend on their marketing. For someone just getting into freelance writing, they most likely don’t have the kind of money for marketing that, Coca Cola has. The smaller the company the harder they have to work at marketing; that is where the beginning freelance writer fits.

Learn about marketing, and build your marketing plan, then implement it.