Freelance writing and commitment go hand in hand for anyone wanting to be a freelance writer.

Yes, freelance writing does allow one a flexible schedule of work, but if you want steady work, you will have to commit yourself to marketing and promotion to let people know you are available for writing assignments. This means that you will have to learn the art of the press release, marketing, and promotion.

Marketing and promotion means a web site, blogs, business cards, perhaps a logo, a newsletter, brochures, pamphlets, social media and anything else that you can use to brand yourself. People like professional looking matching stationary with letterheads. Your work will also have to stand out from the other writers. See what others are doing and see if you can create and use something similar, but you must be original. If you see a possible business need, learn how to fill that need and add it to your writing repertoire.

You must always strive to meet the needs of the clients you want to write for. If you don’t meet the client’s needs they will go to someone else, it’s that simple. Learn and make yourself available for whatever the client needs in his business. To be an accomplished freelance writer, you should strive to learn new things and offer more services to your existing clients while also obtaining new clients for steady work.

You can’t just sit back and wait for people to search you out, you need to find them and offer services they need for their business. This may take many forms of writing. Do not limit yourself in your writing, practice to improve your writing, and learn what you need to, to offer more services to your current clients, and your prospective clients to remain in business as a freelance writer.